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Marketing Ph.D. & Research Consultant

Digital Marketing Strategy / Social & Mobile Media / Services Marketing

Todd Bacile, Ph.D. is currently a marketing professor at Loyola University New Orleans, where he teaches Electronic Marketing, Advanced Marketing Strategy, and Principles of Marketing. Dr. Bacile is also an active researcher in various electronic marketing topics, including, but not limited to, social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, online customer service issues, online complaining and service recovery, digital information products, influence marketing, new technologies used in employment searches, innovative teaching methods, and the implications of a changing information economy that is shifting power away from firms to consumers.


Dr. Bacile holds a B.S. in Management from Wayne State University; a Master of Business Administration from Mississippi State University; and a doctoral degree in Marketing from Florida State University. In addition to course instruction and research, Dr. Bacile also selectively chooses to participate in consulting projects and professional speaking engagements within his areas of expertise.

Select Research Publications:

  • Bacile, Todd J., Alexis Allen, and Charles F. Hofacker (2014), “Enter the Badvocate: A Unique Consumer Role Emerging Within Social Media Complaint and Recovery Episodes,” awarded best research paper in conference, presented at the Marketing EDGE Direct/Interactive Research Summit, San Diego, CA.
  • Bacile, Todd J., Christine Ye, and Esther Swilley (2014), “From Firm-Controlled to Consumer-Contributed: Consumer Co-Production of Personal Media Marketing Communication,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 28 (2), 117-133.
  • Bacile, Todd J., Charles F. Hofacker, and Allyn White (2014), “Service Encounters via Social Media: The Presence of Positive and Negative Signals,” presented at the Society for Marketing Advances, New Orleans, LA.
  • Bacile, Todd J. (2013), “The Klout Challenge: Preparing Your Students for Social Media Marketing”
    Marketing Education Review., 23(1), 87-92.
  • Hofacker, Charles F. and Todd J. Bacile (2011), Electronic Marketing: Communicating, Selling and Connecting People with Networks and Software. Raleigh, NC: Lulu.
  • Bacile, Todd J. and Ronald E. Goldsmith (2011), “A Services Perspective for Text Message Coupon Customization,” Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, 5 (4), 244-257.
Todd Bacile and Florida State University College of Business Dean Caryn Beck-Dudley

Student Testimonials

“Todd Bacile is an amazing professor who loves what he teaches and truly cares for his students. His lectures were always engaging and very informative. His passion for marketing in the electronic world shined through during his lectures and before and after class discussions. Todd’s concern for his students’ success became apparent as the semester progressed. He was always interested in each of his student’s lives and offering them advice for their future. Todd’s class has been one of my most enjoyable classes in my college career.”

   – Student from Spring 2012 Semester

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